The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the Dogs

image-5Just like people with children, parents with fur-babies (dogs and cats) want the best for their pet-companions, this includes their safety when riding around in a vehicle. I don’t know how many times I have put my dog in the back seat of the car, only to hear him running around and becoming excitable – he loves his car rides. But this can be dangerous if, like me, you feel the need to turn around to see what’s going on behind your back. That is why I was so thrilled to discover a Back Seat Mirror. This handy little invention takes the guesswork and danger out of traveling with an active animal. Check it out at

The Back Seat Mirror Breakdown

image-3-sampleYou may be wondering, what is a Back Seat Mirror? It is simply an extra large mirror that is designed to attach to a headrest in the back seat of your vehicle. The mirror itself is convex in nature and provides a clear look at what is happening in your back seats. It comes with durable and adjustable straps that will affix to most headrests or other anchoring methods in the back of your car. It is also shatterproof (perfect for bouncy, active dogs) and has a swivel ball that makes situating it to sync with your rearview mirror easy-peasy. Plus, it looks stylish and will match all vehicle interiors.

Perfect For…

sketch-colored-version-2.1-e1399530301858If you love to take your pooch for short rides or along on those road trips to camp or even exploring, the Back Seat Mirror is a must-have. Once in place this mirror provides you with the knowledge of what your canine is doing behind you. Whether he/she is simply looking out the window enjoying the ride or chewing up your new upholstery, a quick glance will let you know whether you can carry on or pull over and clean up a mess. The Back Seat Mirror is also perfect for nervous pets that tend to panic in a vehicle – just set their kennel where they can see you in their own personal mirror. Sometimes just the sight of your face and a kind word will make those stressful trips bearable.

Looking for the perfect gift for the first-time dog owner? You can find it here Toys and food are here and gone, but the Back Seat Mirror will be appreciated throughout the life of the dog and beyond.

Stop worrying about your pets chewing up your car or racing around in the backseat when you can attach a Back Seat Mirror and know what they’re up to with a quick glance into your rear view mirror. It can one of the best and wisest investments you can make into the safety of your pet companion.

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